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Grass-Fed Beef: 6 Important Advantages You Can't Ignore

May 12, May

Beef is a beloved meat because of its rich and delicious taste. It is tasty while also being rich in the essential amino acids and nutrients your body needs. Because of this love for beef, many beef suppliers speed through the process of raising cattle. They create gruesome farms that feed cows unhealthy food just to grow them faster and fatter in a shorter time. 

People might not know that many cows are fed with cereals, gummy worms, and other fattening and unhealthy foods. If you want a healthier beef option, there are always grass-fed beef alternatives that you can consider. 

Here are some excellent benefits you would get from grass-fed beef:

1: You eat healthier beef

The food that cows eat affects the quality of meat they provide. Because grass-fed cows eat healthier, you can expect the same in the beef. Grass-fed beef is 33 percent lower in fat and calories than regular beef. That is a good number to consider, especially for health-conscious individuals. This means eating more beef with fewer calories.

Furthermore, grass-fed beef is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids—two to four times more than conventional beef. If you prefer a healthier option, grass-fed beef is the best choice for you.

2: You have a lower risk of getting heart disease

Omega-3 fatty acids play an essential role in making your hormones regulate blood clotting or contraction. It can also relax your artery walls and prevent inflammation. Eating healthier beef means a healthier heart. People who consume more omega-3 have a smaller chance of getting high blood pressure and heart problems. If the idea of fatty beef scares you, grass-fed beef will prove you otherwise. 

3: The meat you consume is guaranteed fresh and free of medications

Since feedlot cows are more prone to illness, they take large doses of antibiotics to prevent these from happening. Eating their meat could mean consuming these antibiotics as well, which is not suitable for humans. Besides that, these cows are also injected with hormones, like RBST and CAFO, that help them grow faster. With grass-fed cows, you can guarantee that they are free from these antibiotics and hormones. 

4: It simply tastes better

The taste of grass-fed beef is incomparable to mass-produced beef. Even a blind taste test showed that participants could tell grass-fed beef apart from conventional meat. Your taste buds would appreciate the freshness and earthy flavour from their meat. Moreover, since their beef is meatier and leaner, you can taste all the spices you add to the it, making any recipe truly memorable.

5: It can help fight off cancer 

Did you know that grass-fed cows’ produce contains more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)? Whether their meat or their dairy products, they are three to five times richer in CLA than others. CLA is one of the most robust defences against cancer, and fortunately, dairy and meat products are the richest listed source of this property. The CLA has an antitumor activity that suppresses the development of multistage carcinogenesis. It can also reduce tumour growth in some studied animals. 

6: It has a higher number of vitamins and minerals

Grass-fed meat is abundant in nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Some of the notable vitamins include B vitamins, vitamin D, and iron. If you are looking for food with dense proteins, grass-fed beef can provide you what you need. 


Consuming healthier beef is beneficial for your body and the environment. Grass-fed beef follows ethical farming techniques and ensures that the cows are growing as healthy as they can in the most natural way possible. You can ensure that your body only gets the best nutrients from them, and that means fewer energy-intensive inputs for the environment. The grasses trap the atmospheric carbon dioxide, and the regular moving of animals helps spread their manure evenly. 

If you want to experience these benefits, support grass-fed beef. At Northern Raised, we only offer our consumers delicious and naturally-raised meats. We also deliver them fresh to your door every month. Order your grass-fed beef from us now.   

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