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Grass-Fed Beef: The Healthiest Red Meat You Should Be Having

June 9, Jun

With your attention and dedication to healthy eating both becoming even stronger than ever, you’ve most likely made changes to your diet in more ways than one. From cutting out processed food items to opting to have your coffee black, every change and commitment you’ve made has undoubtedly made a positive impact on your overall health. As you continue to tweak your diet in various ways that count towards long-term improvements, however, you’ll eventually realize that there are some choices that are harder to make than others!

One such example of a change that can be incredibly difficult to make is giving up meat from your diet and switching over to a fully vegan eating approach. Considering that studies have shone a light on the various implications of eating certain kinds of animal products, it’s clear that a move away from items like red meat, fatty parts, and organs is a step in the right direction!

If you’ve been having a difficult time removing meat from your diet, then the chances are that you’re looking for more hopeful developments that will allow you to retain your usual sources of protein. Fortunately, there’s one particular finding that supports a move to retain meat in your daily eats for the sake of healthy eating: the link between grass-fed beef and lower cancer risks.

An Update Worth Banking On

Meat lovers, rejoice: eating grass-fed beef—a term for red meat that has grazed on grass its entire life—poses a potentially lower risk of cancer than pellet-fed beef.

Despite past reports from sources like the World Health Organization linking red meat to the culpability of the human body to developing cancer, grass-fed beef provides a glimpse into a much healthier side of the red meat equation! 

Consistent testing, as a matter of fact, has shown that incorporating the products in question as regular fixtures in one’s diet can lead to widely positive results. Currently, medical research is suggesting that both grass-fed and grass-finished beef are much lower in fat and calories as compared to their grain-fed counterparts. 

The new finding of it being much healthier lies in the fact that it possesses specific qualities and components that are crucial to improving human health. With higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, more antioxidants like Vitamin E, and Conjugated Linoleic Acid—a component that helps lower the risk of heart disease and cancer—it’s clear grass-fed meat is worth having in your daily diet!

So, what makes grass-fed beef much healthier?

At this point, you probably have your mouse cursor hovering over a check-out cart on Northern Raised’s assortment of monthly meat delivery packages—but you’re probably still not aware of what makes grass-fed beef so healthy in the first place! To help clear the air and show you why this kind of red meat is worth keeping in your daily meals, let’s look at some key reasons:

It’s organically produced

Compared to pellet-fed production methods, organic agriculture doesn’t use antibiotics to promote livestock growth—which is why meat products produced in the same manner are much healthier. The reason organic production makes for a much more optimal output lies in the fact that it successfully addresses the transmission of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to the environment and the food supply chain with proper solutions! 

It’s hormone-free

The main reason “standard” red meat was considered unhealthy lies in the fact that most commonly sourced options contained much higher levels of growth promoters—all of which pose health risks. However, you won’t have to worry about having compounds like estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone in grass-fed meat because animals raised in such conditions aren’t fed growth promoters, to begin with! 


Although the advent of community health newsletters and the findings of some scientific studies paint the idea of eating red meat in a bad light, grass-fed beef stands as a difference-maker because it goes against the grain. With this meat product, you can keep the taste, nutrients, and convenience of red meat in your diet without worrying about harmful side effects or long-term complications! 

At Northern Raised, we take immense pride in supplying top-quality grass-fed beef in Brampton, ON, to health-conscious consumers and establishments of all kinds. Check out our online monthly meat delivery service and register today! 

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