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Free-Range Eggs

Whispering Meadows Family Farms
Milverton, ON
24 oz.   |   12 Eggs
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Our eggs are locally sourced from free-range and pastured chickens. Allowing the hens to feed naturally on a species-specific diet allows for a rich-tasting egg full of incredible flavour and nutritional value. The eggshells are a vibrant mix of white through pale blue, and brown which come from the Ameraucana breed of hen we source.

Whispering Meadows was founded in 2003 by Dean and Trish Scott, on their 127-acre family farm just north of Guelph. Dean was raised on a beef/cash crop operation in Lucan, and Trish grew up on a dairy/beef operation north of Guelph. Between them, they have over 90 years of experience raising cattle!

Their focus has always been to grow their animals with the very best methods, so they can offer supreme quality meat. Care and kindness towards their animals are their top priority, along with 100% natural and organic healthy growing conditions.

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