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Shop natural, high-quality, locally-sourced meat and fish products online and make fewer disappointing trips to the grocery store.
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We make it easier, here's how

You build your box
Save time and choose from 3 pre-built bundles, or start from scratch and build your box your way.
We source from local farms
We source your flash-frozen meat products directly from our hardworking local farming partners.
We pack & deliver your box
We pack your box in temperature-controlled packaging and safely deliver your order, contact-free.
Unbox, eat & repeat
Save time, spend less, and make meals easier and more delicious with simple subscriptions & one-time orders when you need it.
How we measure up

Real, honest meat made easy

With so much jargon and an unfortunate lack of transparency within our food system, it’s nearly impossible to know what’s in our food, where it comes from, or how it’s processed. We’re changing that.
How we're different
Humanely & sustainably raised
Regenerative agriculture practices
Conveniently delivered to your door
Zero hormones or antibiotics
Zero added chemicals or fillers
Never re-frozen or re-thawed
Zero mechanical tenderizing
Average item price
Northern Raised
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Smooth, effortless access to quality local meats

Every delivery is an exciting adventure when you’ve got access to Ontario’s top-notch, responsible meat farmers and fisherfolk! Check out some of our member favourites that’ll spare you the hassle of socially distanced checkouts and low-quality, overpriced grocery store meats.
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Vision & Values

What matters most to you is important to us

Supporting local farmers
Every dollar you spend supports a growing network of local Ontario farmers dedicated to providing sustainable food security for many years to come.
Low-impact packaging
As part of our commitment to a sustainable, regenerative food system that does right by our planet, all of our delivery packaging is 100% recyclable.
Optimized delivery routes
In an effort to vastly reduce harmful emissions and greenhouse gases, we optimize our delivery routes and ensure all orders are delivered once per week.
Regenerative farming practices
We're proud of the network of hardworking Ontario farmers we continue to build, with a shared vision to farm in a way that does right by our animals, people, and planet alike.
Ethical animal welfare
Our farming partners share a commitment to treating their animals with the utmost care, humane treatment, and ensure they're able to roam freely on pasture.
Better bang for your buck
With a promise that every item we offer is raised naturally, antibiotic and chemical-free on pasture, and that our meats are high quality and nutrient dense.
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from our customers

Join hundreds of Ontarian’s supporting local farms & eating top-quality meat

Phil A
Brampton, ON
Excellent experience ordering from Northern! Quality of the meat was exceptional. Chickens are super juicy and large. Sausages have the perfect amount of spice. Lamb is very tender and the beef goes above and beyond anything comparable. Good variety that grows every month and the flash frozen process keeps everything very fresh. Great service from the team. Easy to navigate website and straight forward to use once I am there. I will continue to order monthly and look forward to when the box arrives every month.
Jocelyn J
Caledon, ON
Received our first order from Northern Raised in March. My husband is crazy for the bacon- says it’s the best he’s ever had! I love the fish- it’s delicious. We find it difficult to find good quality fish so this is perfect for me. I really appreciate the flexibility in delivery options. We can skip or pause an order and make changes to our selections any time. We also love the large variety of products to choose from. We are supporting local businesses and everything is delivered to our doorstep - that’s a win, win!
Brittany P.
Toronto, ON
We love and highly recommend Northern Raised! My family and I have really been enjoying the meat and other products available through Northern Raised. We have been searching for a way to eat better quality meats, support local farmers and have the ease of accessibility to these products. The fact that you don’t feel weighted down or sluggish after eating their meats is a huge win for me, and the variety is perfect for our household. There is a cost to it but it’s worth it for the quality and peace of mind.
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Better quality meat
Enjoy healthier, more nutritious, better tasting meats, with the peace-of-mind knowing there’s no preservatives, nitrates, or fillers.
Supports local farms
Every dollar you spend supports our local Ontario farmers working hard to put high-quality, natural, delicious meat on your table.
Saves time
Spend more time with the ones you love doing the things you love most, with our easy-to-use, time-saving, flexible ordering system.
Flexible to your needs
Need to skip an order or change selections? Tired of being restricted by a pre-fixed plan? Enjoy complete flexibility with no commitments.
Creating easier access to better quality, naturally-raised meat direct from local Ontario farms.
In addition to making life a little easier by delivering quality, local meats direct to your door, we’re committed to breaking down accessibility barriers, cutting through the noise of health and nutrition, and creating a closer local, connection to your food source.
We’re on a mission to create a closer connection to our food source by enabling and empowering Ontarian’s to think consciously about the quality of their food, what’s really in it, where it comes from, and its impact on our climate and local economy. Our modern supply chain and food system is broken. We’re determined to fix that.

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