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How Organic Meat Is Starkly Different to Non-Organic

July 14, Jul

In a time where health is one of the highest priorities, it’s important to find ways of how you can avoid diseases and maintain your current well-being. Many have been assessing what their food options are when it comes to managing their health and making it better. 

Meats are a large food group that any healthy person would need to consume regularly. As it’s eaten often, more and more are encouraged to consume organic meat rather than non-organic meat. However, plenty of people don’t see the difference between them and why these organic products have to be sought out. 

Organic foods are proven to be quite a boost to the body, though. The importance placed on similar food such as fruits and veggies alone showcase how they can improve your health. Swapping out food like non-organic meat for organic can just bring quite a positive change to your health. Here are some noticeable differences between the two cuts.

1. Organic Meat Is Cultivated Through Better Practice

Most non-organic meats had been sourced from unjust farm practices that tend to push around and abuse the animals. On the flip side, organic farms prioritize animal welfare. It can be much more ethical to consume food under the latter practice. 

This humane treatment of feeding and cultivating the animals shows that we don’t have to resort to any ill behaviour towards them. There are ways to raise them right. Plus, these farm practices result in a higher quality of meat.

2. Organic Meat Is Less Likely to Be Contaminated

A key difference of organic meat is that the animals aren’t administered any hormones or drugs. Non-organic meat is often associated with giving the animals certain dosages that will help them grow bigger and eventually have more meat on their body.

Those drugs are linked to food contamination and certain bacteria that can trigger a variety of diseases though, even death to a certain extent. It’s best to be on the safe side when ordering and getting your meat, and that means going organic. 

3. Organic Meat Has Less Fat and Calories

Although meat is necessary to eat, it doesn’t erase the fat and calorie content that it can have. It’s hard to have a balanced diet when there’s so much of it, but you don’t have to worry any longer! Organic meat contains less saturated fat and has less taxing on your calorie intake.

Plus, health experts found that organic meat contains a considerable amount of omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are also in nuts and fish, presenting health benefits such as lowering your blood pressure and regulating your heart rhythm. 

4. Organic Meat Has Better Flavor

Meat is something that can have a distinct flavour, and it doesn’t take a professional chef to figure out the difference in taste. Many find that organic meat can provide a much more flavourful bite than non-organic meat.

This point may be credited to how the animals were raised and fed. For example, grass-fed and free-range meats such as beef and chicken can often be more tender and savoury compared to non-organic variants, evident when they’re prepared, cooked and eaten. 


In summary, organic meat is very different from non-organic meat in terms of how it’s sourced and the resulting quality. Be sure to indulge in it and unlock the health benefits that it can offer. Once you have organic foods in your diet, you’ll never turn back! 

Northern Raised is an online monthly organic meat delivery service that provides natural meats and fish to customers in Ontario, Canada. We prioritize sustainable and regenerative farming practices. Order a box today!

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