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Improving Farming Impact Through Regenerative Agriculture

August 25, Aug

Many processes on earth can affect the environment through their excessive carbon and gas emissions. Almost every living being contributes to this harmful effect, including the farming and agricultural industry. It has become an integral yet damaging part of modern life, and we don’t seem to have a choice.

These industries contribute a major portion of greenhouse gases to the environment, but there are effective steps to lessen the environmental impact and help our environment. Here’s a quick look at this issue and possible steps we can take.

Agriculture and Farming Affects the Environment

No matter how organic their operations, farming and livestock industries can significantly impact the environment, including meat products. Its carbon footprint levels are major, reaching up to 25 percent of those produced from agricultural and farming processes. 

The meat industry involves producing both livestock and plant-based food. Farmed animals are dependent on the production of plant-based food as their main feed.

Even with ethical farming conditions, agriculture is still linked to the release of greenhouse gases. All forms of energy use and fuel combustion are produced in all the steps needed to grow and process meats and plant-based food products. It will never change unless we find ways to reduce harmful carbon, methane, and other greenhouse gases released into the environment. 

However, there are ways to reduce them drastically.

Regenerative Farming

Operators can lessen many processes in farming and agriculture by avoiding more greenhouse gases through certain activities. Farmers can lessen invasive soil production methods, such as aggressive plowing and the preparation of soil layers. These production methods for planting and farming help oxidize carbon-rich material in lower soil layers but releases a huge amount of greenhouse gases into the environment.

It helps to use less invasive methods and activities, such as piling on new soil or using compost materials instead of disturbing lower soil layers rich in carbon and natural gases. These methods can be employed as an alternate method to stop carbon dioxide and methane emissions.

More Sustainable Farming Options

Another way to help the earth is lessening the use of fuel combustion-related processes in the production cycle of farms and agriculture. An example of this is the heavy use of fuel-powered machinery, farm vehicles, and production lines commonly associated with many commercial farming setups.

Farms that produce organic meats may have a smaller carbon footprint than commercial farming and help reduce environmental damage. Using more natural methods and free-range environments can help reduce the ill effects of agricultural production.

Many local businesses use regenerative farming practices today to drastically lessen these harmful natural gases. These farms practise environmentally sound processes through different means while still producing quality food products different from commercial productions.

Final Notes

Agriculture is an essential global industry. It is the biggest producer of food supplies in the world. However, its production methods have created ill after-effects as one of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gases for years. It is depleting the ozone and causing global warming and other environmental issues.

Northern Raised believes in the power of regenerative farming. It is one of our central methods of production to help in our quest for less environmental impact while producing healthier, high-quality natural meat products. We produce free-range organic meat with healthier options and a healthier world in mind. Check out our line of products today.

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