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Is It Possible to Source Fish Sustainably and Enjoy Its Benefits?

September 1, Sep

Fish is among the most healthy foods that you can eat, with its high levels of protein and other nutrients. Fish like salmon and tuna, in particular, are better for you because they’re rich in Omega 3 and have less cholesterol compared to other types of meat. Additionally, they’re also high in different vitamins and minerals like B vitamins, iron, and zinc, among others.

If you are conscious not only about the quality of the food that you’re eating but also of how they are sourced, you are probably wondering if, similar to sustainable farming, there’s a way to eat fish and other seafood sustainably. If this is something you’re interested in, do read on as this article from Northern Raised focuses on the sustainability of fish and seafood:

Is Wild-Caught Fish Considered Sustainable?

Perhaps you have seen those awful images of the environmental pollution and waste that our waters are “dealing with”. Some fishermen unintentionally catch certain species of fish or other marine species. This is called bycatch and this affects seabirds, turtles, and marine mammals, too. Because of this, you might be wondering whether the taste and benefits of fish and seafood are worth all the environmental repercussions. 

Of course, there are certain standards for sustainable fisheries. The goal is of course to have sustainable fish stocks while at the same time minimizing the impact on the environment and managing the fisheries effectively. If the regulations are properly implemented, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. 

What Alternative to Wild Fish Stocks Is There?

If there are not enough wild fish stocks to supply the amount of fish necessary to reach the optimal fatty acid intake, where can you get the fish?

Your obvious option is to try sustainable farming for fish or aquaculture. When you opt for either of these, you won’t have to deal with the issue of bycatch. No marine creatures will be unnecessarily disturbed, caught, or killed. Also, the fish will be cheaper to purchase and there will be a more reliable supply. 

Now the question is, will fish from a farm be as good for you as wild-caught ones?

Concerns About Pollution

Many are concerned about the feeds that are used for farm-raised fish as well as the wastes that could pollute the water they’re growing in. But many fish farmers now know that they can grow extractive species like filter-feeding mussels close to their fish pens to remove the waste from the water. Those mussels are also low-mercury but nutrient-dense seafood that people can enjoy, too. 

Additionally, many fish farms are looking into better options to fish-based feeds like soy and seaweed that can still provide the fish with the omega-3 that they need. 


So is eating fish healthy and is it sustainable? 

The nutrients found in fish are essential to your health. However, you should also be sure to make a conscious effort to get your fish from a source that you know for sure is doing sustainable farming. You want to be certain that you are supporting responsible aquaculture as this has a lot of benefits including a cheaper price for the fish, a more reliable supply, and most importantly, it has significantly less effect on wild aquatic habitats. That said, you should also source your fish from farms that are certified to meet standards set by organizations that conduct strict inspections of farms to ensure safety. 

If you want meat and seafood delivery from a source that promotes sustainable fish farming and ethically-raised livestock, Northern Raised is here to get you what you need. You can place your orders online and we can deliver your meats, fish, and other local goods to your doorstep in Ontario every month!

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