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Go Organic: Why You Should Choose Organic Meat Today

July 7, Jul

The demand for organic meat continues to grow. Indeed, many people today are willing to switch to healthier alternatives to improve their lifestyles. Moreover, consumers are now putting more focus on animal welfare and environmental sustainability. With that, the importance of organic meat and poultry has increased. If you’re thinking of making the switch, here’s a short guide on why it’s an excellent decision: 

Why Go Organic

Organic meat follows a certain set of standards that impact its quality and our environment. This type of meat has better nutritional profiles without any chemicals or dangerous compounds. Raising animals to produce organic meat doesn’t involve the use of growth promoters. 

How Is it Organic

Unique regulations are in place to raise animals that produce organic meat. 

  • Pasture: During the whole grazing season, cattle, sheep, and goats are grazed in a pasture that is managed organically. That said, the pasture doesn’t contain any synthetic fertilizer and toxic pesticides. In turn, these animals’ diets are more balanced that improves their overall gut health. 
  • Feeding and grazing: Organic livestock only follows an organic diet that doesn’t contain any antibiotics, growth promoters, and modified ingredients. During the grazing season, animals must get at least 30% of their diet from organic pasture. 
  • Living conditions: Organic meat production takes into consideration the climate and environment where animals will be raised. It also requires an outdoor environment with exercise areas, fresh air, clean water for drinking, shade, and direct sunlight. Keeping animals confined indoors for long periods is not allowed. 
  • Animal health: In organic production, the animals have preventive healthcare to avoid illnesses. In some cases, restricted medicines may be used except antibiotics and synthetic chemicals. 
  • Environmental health: When raising animals for organic production, the farmers and ranchers must carry on certain practices that are safe for the environment. Usually, this is carried out by recycling manure into crop and pasture production. Doing this helps avoid nutrient runoff and increases carbon storage. They also implement crop rotation, and they also cover crops to maintain soil and water quality. With these practices in place, there is a reduced impact on climate change, which then helps with greenhouse gas emissions significantly. 

You Have a Choice on What to Eat

Organic meat indeed proves to be an effective, healthier alternative to the usual meat we have grown accustomed to. It provides consumers with a choice on what to eat, which will help improve their overall health. Although organic meat may cost a little more, it’s definitely worth it. 

It’s essential to know how meat is considered organic. By doing so, you know exactly the process of how the meat is made, and you will get the assurance that what you’re consuming is healthy and from ethical practices.


Due to the rise of organic meat, you won’t have a hard time finding an organic meat supplier today. There are now many vendors who offer organic meat products that are served fresh. What you need to do is find the best one that will give you the best prices as well. 

Here at Northern Raised, we pride ourselves in ethical farming in Brampton, ON. We offer an online monthly meat delivery service. Get your organic meat today!

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