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Why Sustainable Food Should Be Patronized

July 21, Jul

Agriculture is a pretty broad field, and its practitioners can sometimes vary in their farming practices. However, it can’t be denied that more modern methods of agriculture are sometimes bad for the environment. 

Some use heavy pesticides made with chemicals, and some also use artificial fertilizers that can potentially damage the soil. Luckily, however, there are still agricultural practitioners who don’t use such methods. The best thing is that their produce is raised concerning nature. The method that they employ is known as sustainable agriculture.

Farmers who practise sustainable agriculture are known for their regard for the natural world. They use little to no fuel, which in turn produces fewer greenhouse gases. Aside from that, they also rely on manual labour rather than chemicals and energy-consuming methods. Sustainable ranchers, on the other hand, raise only the right amount of animals at a time. 

By right amounts, we mean that the number of animals in their farmland is not too many. Aside from that, they also allow the animals to roam around freely for their health as well. When these animals and vegetables are sold, they are referred to as sustainable food because they came from cruelty-free farms.

However, the question remains: why should we consider sustainable food when there’s not much difference? Read on below to learn more.

A Quick Look Into Sustainable Farming

To cut a long story short, sustainable farming means producing agricultural products such as animal meat, vegetables, or any other food from farms without harming natural resources and land. 

Aside from that, there are also other things to consider when working on a sustainable farm. These include the working and living conditions of farmers and other workers, the needs of nearby communities, and the consumer’s health and safety.

The Benefits of Sustainable Farming

Sustainable farming’s prime benefit is that it gives food that’s completely safe to eat. However, the benefits don’t stop there—here are some of the most promising:

#1: Prevents Crop Disease and Soil Erosion

Crop rotation is a farming method where different crops are grown according to the season in the same plot of land. Since other crops take up space in the field of land, crop disease is avoided.

Crop rotation also leads to healthier soil because the soil adapts to the needs of the crops that are being planted. In turn, pests are also kept under control at a manageable rate. Additionally, it also helps with replenishing soil nutrients along with minimizing weed growth.

#2: Reduces Pollution

When chemicals are used as pesticides, it contributes significantly to pollution. Since sustainable farming relies entirely on manual labour and natural methods, there are no chemicals used in taking care of crops, leading to lesser pollution in the farmland. And since there are also no chemicals used in crop maintenance, they tend to be healthier.

#3: Prioritizes Animal Welfare 

Sustainable farming helps significantly in the welfare of animals, mainly because practitioners believe that raising animals on open land and letting them move freely leads to greater productivity. Animals are not stressed and are healthier, thus needing fewer medications. This is also a fact, by the way, because free-range animals such as chickens produce more nutritious eggs that are richer in nutrients than the average egg.

Aside from that, slaughtering animals from sustainable farms is also done on a seasonal basis, so there’s a guarantee that meat production will not run out. Additionally, animals in sustainable farms are slaughtered with mercy and without any harsh methods used.


Sustainable farming is good because it covers everyone’s needs. The people get their fix of healthy food, the crops are taken care of by natural methods, and animals are also treated with respect, from their birth to their slaughter. Sustainable food is good for everyone, and we should also consider getting them for daily consumption.

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