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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to be home to accept my delivery?

Nope! Your meats are flash frozen and delivered in thermally insulated packaging.

If you live in a condo, it's important that you leave your buzzer code or entry access information in the shipping details when you checkout.

What happens if I'm not home to receive my delivery?

If you're not home to receive your delivery we'll leave the package by your front door. If you're in a condo, we'll leave your package with the concierge/front desk.

How long will my meats stay frozen?

Great question! The package will stay frozen for up to 24 hours in transit. We recommend that you unpack the box and place the contents in the freezer as soon as possible.

What days do you deliver?

We delivery every Friday. Your order will always arrive on the Friday following the week that your order was placed.

For example, if you order on Thursday, October 21st, you will receive your box the following Friday, October 29th. If you order on Saturday, October 23rd, your order will arrive November 5th.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Absolutely! We're extremely sustainably-minded, and as such, have only invested in recyclable packaging. You entire box contents (including the Ice Packs) are curbside recyclable.

My order has shipped, can I still make changes?

Unfortunately not. Once your order has been charged and created in our system, we work directly with our farming partners to fulfill your selections.

However, you can certainly make selections for your next delivery up until your renewal date (you will receive a reminder email prior to your renewal)!

What if you don't deliver to my area?

We're working hard to provide delivery across Ontario, and in full transparency, this comes down to volume in specific areas. The best way for us to add your area to our delivery zones is to get a few friends, neighbours, and family members together - with increased order density, we're able to add new delivery zones! Send us an email at support@northernraised.ca to let us know you're interested.


Are your products organic?

While most of the products we carry are Certified Organic, not all of them are. That said, every product we carry is naturally raised on pasture, with zero hormones, additives, steroids, or GMO's, and we only work with farming partners committed to raising their livestock with highest quality care and treatment.

Where can I find the portion sizes?

Easy, peasy! Just visit our Products page and each item displays the portion size and quantity. You can also click the product to learn more about it, its portion sizes, and its producer/supplier!

What are the animals' diets?

We work directly with farming partners that raise their animals in the most natural way possible -- allowing them to roam freely on pasture. All of the animals are fed a non-GMO diet and our beef selections are available with 100% grass-fed finish. 

What's all the rave about your beef?

Ah-ha! Sounds like you've been talking with our loyal customers?

Because we work with select farming partners, we're able to control the consistency of the product you receive. Our beef partner is, without a doubt, the best in Ontario.

They keep their herd small to give each animal a healthy, happy life – 100% free of antibiotics and synthetic hormones – and they raise them as naturally as possible. We offer both grain-finished as well as 100% grass-fed for each unique preference. In addition, all their beef is dry-aged for a full three weeks before its artisanally hand-carved into individually vacuum-packed cuts by their local family butcher.

Why is your chicken so delicious?

Great question!

Our partners' birds are raised 100% free-range, in a European-style spa-like environment with natural wood shavings for bedding. They are free-fed certified certified organic food in an open barn with outdoor access (seasonally).

These chickens are raised cage-free, drug-free, antibiotic-free, artificial growth hormone-free, and fed on GMO-free, organic feed.

I've heard such amazing things about your pork! What's the deal?

We honestly couldn't agree more. This is definitely the best pork product we've ever experienced, hands down.

Our partners' heritage breed hogs are raised without the use of artificial hormones or antibiotics and fed on 100% plant and vegetable-based feeds — including organic non-GMO grains that are grown on site. 

You’ll receive your pork fresh-frozen & ready for your freezer, packaged and labeled in individual vacuum packs, so you have it on hand whenever you’re in the mood.

How many products come per selection?

You can find the exact quantities and weights of each Product right on the individual product itself when building your box. This also indicates the number of items and total or per-item weight that comes in each vac-sealed pack.

How often do you add new products?

We're constantly working hard to bring you exciting new products to add to your box each month. To date, we've added new products every single month, and we're constantly forming new relationships with likeminded partners and artisans to continually add more value and variety to your monthly boxes.

Who produces your products?

Honestly, some of the most incredible people we've ever met. Fortunately, you can learn a bit more about each of these hardworking partners and artisans on our Partners page here.

General & Company

Where are you based out of?

We're based out of Brampton, Ontario, and operate throughout Ontario.

Can I pick up my order?

Unfortunately, we don't currently offer pick up for orders. But this is something we're actively working on with local businesses and our farming partners to provide the option for in the future.

Keep it simple, how does this work?

You choose the box size that's right for you and/or your family. You select the meats, fish, and any goods you want in your box. We then work directly with our suppliers and farming partners to fulfill your selections, then we package them all into an environmentally-friendly, temperature-controlled box and deliver it to your door.

How much does this cost?

Just like shopping at a butcher or grocery store, that is entirely dependent on the items and quantity of items you select for your box. We require a minimum $75 order to checkout, and offer free delivery on all orders over $150. Our members (recurring orders) also enjoy exclusive member discounts of 5% off every order.

How does your pricing compare to other options?

That's a great question! Our pricing is comparable and competitive to your specialty grocery stores and butchers; however, we only carry naturally-raised and/or organic meats and goods, sourced from local farmers and artisans, and are meticulously vetted to meet our high-quality standards.

Plus, we deliver everything right to your door!

How many meals can I get out of a box?

Great question! Though this may vary based on your selections, an introductory box (valued between $75-$100) typically averages 8-14 pounds of meat, which is around 24 portions, and but typical order sizes (valued between $125-$250) typically average 20-35 pounds of meat, which is approximately 50 portions.

That said, with our unique ordering system, you can build your box your way and have it delivered on your desired frequency - from one single delivery to bi-weekly, all the way to delivery every 6 weeks.

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