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How it works

Your naturally-raised meat & fish experience with Northern Raised

Build your box

Easily build your box the way you want it, with over 40+ selections of Ontario's highest quality meats & fish

Delivery to your door

Your box is delivered safely and securely right to your door in a thermal refrigerated box

Get to cookin'

Enjoy your entire month of tender, juicy, delicious, mouthwatering meats, fish and culinary goods

Safe, secure, sustainably conscious shipping

Our meat is frozen for freshness, safely & sanitarily packaged, and delivered to your door in an eco-friendly, refrigerated box. Our boxes are specifically designed to keep your meat within the optimal temperature range, so you don't have to be home to receive your delivery.
Enjoy free shipping with every order

How to order with us

Enjoy a simple, easy selection process for your monthly custom box order

Choose your plan

Choose between our Regular Box or our Large Box, based on the needs and preferences for you and your family.

Note: your box will be delivered on a monthly basis.
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Pick your included cuts

Easily and conveniently select the meats and fish you want in your monthly box, which is a three-step selection process of base cuts, mid-cuts, and premium cuts. 

You can easily modify these selections ahead of each month's plan renewal.
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Select your add-ons

Need to go beyond your box's included selections? Or just interested in some of our unique, eclectic add-on items, like small-batch coffee, delicious rubs and spices, or smoky, delicious sauces?

Select any add-on items you'd like in your subscription, billed per item. You can easily add, remove, or modify these add-on items ahead of each month's order too!
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Ready to join our community?

Get started on your journey to better meats, a better local economy, and a more viable and sustainable food system.
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