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Whole Chicken

Snowden Farms
Enniskillen, ON
56 oz.   |   1 Whole Chicken
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Free Range and locally-sourced, Free-Range Whole Chicken (est. 3.5lbs per).

Our free-range chicken is naturally and humanely raised without hormones or antibiotics and is proudly non-GMO. Chickens are given full access to outdoor grazing and housed in open-air free-run barns in inclement weather. Raising free-range chickens fosters a level of care and quality that results in a superior product with incredible tenderness and flavour.

Snowden Farms have been farming for many generations, and are very passionate about their craft. They love farming, which is very evident through the animals born and raised on their land. Snowden Farms carries a variety of healthy products, all of which are naturally raised and sustainably farmed — the way Mother Nature intended.

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