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Our Vision

Becoming a more purposeful and integral part of our local food chain

We have a vision to provide our communities with the opportunity to find a deeper connection to their personal wellness and the world around them through the food they consume.
At Northern Raised we have a vision for deeper connections to personal wellness and the world around us. Our vision is to create a solution that enables individuals and families to experience that connection, starting with the food on our plates. We see opportunity for a richer, more meaningful human and culinary experience through connecting with our food chain in an intentional way.

At Northern Raised, we strive to be an integral part of our food chain by leaving a positive impact on our environment’s sustainability, and by reducing the distance between individuals and quality, locally-sourced meats and goods. Our vision is simple, to provide you with sustainably and naturally-raised meats and locally-sourced products delivered right to your doorstep.
100% naturally-raised meats
Sustainably focused

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